Project Name
Thematic Area
Starting date
September 2018
48 Month
Horizon 2020


PolynSPIRE aims at improving the overall performance of plastics recycling, looking for a more sustainable plastic value chain.

This project is a research project funded by Horizon2020 EU’s research and innovation programme, with the aim to demonstrate a set of innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions, aiming at improving the energy and resource efficiency of plastic recycling processes for post-consumer and post-industrial waste streams containing at least 80% of plastic materials.

The main goals polynSPIRE is addressing are:;

  • To enhance plastic recycling through an increase of the flexibility to utilise heterogeneous plastic waste
  • To increase energy efficiency of chemical recycling by reducing energy use up to 68%
  • To decrease the utilisation of primary fossil resources in at least a 32% in the polyamide and polyurethane sectors and to reduce landfilling in 25% in polyolefin sector
  • To decrease CO2 equivalent emissions in the plastic sector between 30% and 40%

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