Project Name
Thematic Area
Starting Date
October 2020
48 Month
Horizon 2020


CORALIS is a Horizon 2020 project that seeks to demonstrate applicable solutions for Industrial Symbiosis aiming at energy and resource savings, in the framework of sustainability and circular economy.

Industrial symbiosis (IS) has gained great attention in the last years due to its high potential for energy and resource savings. However, there is still a need for enhancing the knowledge base for IS in Europe, especially in what regards to the implementation and operation phases, which must be supported by harmonized frameworks and data reporting structures that ensure data accuracy and comparability in existing and new IS initiatives.

Under this framework, CORALIS has been designed as a demonstration project for the generation of real experiences on the deployment of IS solutions and the overcoming of the barriers faced by these initiatives. The overall approach of CORALIS will be demonstrated in a total of 3 industrial parks, each of them supported by an IS facilitator, a neutral actor in charge of guiding the IS initiative and exploiting its full potential. Moreover, 3 additional industrial parks will follow the project results in order to replicate them by implementing additional IS initiatives after the project’s end.

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