The business strategy behind the concept of one-stop-shop of IMMIB is to provide a convenient and efficient service that will create the opportunity for its members, gaining loyalty as well as revenue. IMMIB primarily helps its members by working to increase the country's exports in the fields of study, diversify our export products and gain competitiveness in the products subject to export.

In this concept, IMMIB performs;

  1. To increase exports by organizing exporters and to ensure their development for the benefit of the country,
  2. To regulate the export activities of the members within its structure and to organize their professional activities and relations,
  3. Organizing domestic and international contacts and fairs within the scope of promotional activities of its members,
  4. Organizing Purchasing Commission and Trade Delegations organizations
  5. Preparing publications within the scope of the last activities and presenting them to its members,
  6. To inform members by organizing seminars and meetings and to keep them informed about the recent developments,
  7. To organize training activities.


IMMIB carries out activities in order to increase the capacity of its member, to diversify its export products and to gain competitive power to the products. These activities are;

  1. To prepare analysis reports by performing in-depth market analyses for current and potential markets,
  2. To prepare market reports for target markets and to carry out R&D activities,
  3. To carry out all regional works related to export operations in order to introduce Turkish products to global markets and to cooperate with other organizations that are deemed necessary and useful in the realization of the objectives of its structure
  4. PR activities,
  5. Subvention for export, (Turquality, Environmental Supports, Fair Participation, Establishment Office and Store etc.)
  6. Organizing training, seminars and conferences,              
  7. Consultancy services to its members,
  8. Coordination activities,


Since 2007, in order to develop the institutional structures of its member to increase their export performance, to increase competitiveness in the global market. Training conducted by professional training institutions, academicians and trainers in more than 400 topics under main topics such as;

  • Foreign trade management,
  • Sectorspecific technical knowledge and skills development,
  • Sales and marketing,
  • Legislation,
  • Personal skill development,
  • Business process management,
  • Management and leadership etc.


IMMIB EU Projects Department supports SMEs to adapt to innovation. Regarding this mission, we;

  • Help SMEs innovate together with international partners
  • Support SMEs in finding potential local and international partners for innovative solutions
  • Help SMEs participate in innovation activities in international grant programs such as Horizon Europe, COSME, EASME, Erasmus +, IPA and national grant programs
  • Support SMEs to choose the right business model
  • Provide market information
  • Facilitate their adaptation to the Green Deal