IMMIB EU Projects Department, which supports the participation of our members in projects offered by the European Union, was established in 2010.

With our 11 years of experience;

- We develop projects that will benefit our sectors by following the project calls announced within the framework of EU programs.

- We support our members to take advantage of research and innovation opportunities by informing them about partner search announcements.

- We encourage our members to benefit from the grant programs with our bi-weekly newsletters.

- By participating in international events, we expand our network and establish successful project partnerships.

- We develop project partnerships by collaborating with local stakeholders.

According to them;

- Our success rate is 33%  within the scope of the Horizon 2020 Program.

- We are the first and only Exporters Association from Turkey as a coordinator in Horizon 2020.

- We have been appointed by  H2020 Turkey National Coordination as the “H2020 Information Multiplier”.